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Brett Dyson/Google
3 weeks ago
I have nothing but positive things to say about Consolidated Home Repair. Chris was a complete professional and the work he completed on my home far exceeded my expectations. He is a perfectionist and it shows. My neighbors now want him to do work for them as well. I wouldn't hesitate to give him a call if you need an outstanding contractor in the Raleigh area. Good help is hard to find, but that's what you'll get with Chris. Update: Had Chris come back out and fix a couple other issues for me. Super nice guy and very astute at problem solving. I can't speak highly enough about the work he's done for me.

Brian Cross/Google
10 months ago
Last summer Chris did some extensive wood repairs to our siding in preparation for painting the exterior. He also removed an AC unit from a wall and after painting you can't even tell where it was now. He did an excellent job and really exceeded my expectations. He is very easy to work with and explains his plans clearly, including photos showing the damage or repairs, etc. I was so pleased with his work that I called him back a few months later to install some tile in our master bathroom and do some repairs to the wood trim in the other bathrooms. The tile work was great, even better than when I had a tile company install it in the other 2 bathrooms. Chris really does have a perfectionist attitude and does not just do the job "good enough". This month I had him come back to do some structural repairs to our wood playground that had rotted at the base. It looks great and will not be rotting any more due to the nice concrete base. He also replaced a closet door, fixed a water damaged subfloor piece, fixed some door strike plates, sliding closet door that wouldn't close, etc. I have yet to come across any repair that he couldn't handle. He is very easy to work with and has great communication. I will be calling him back for any future repair work and highly recommend him.

mary n
2 months ago
Let me begin by saying that I am an extremely picky person. However, I was beyond pleased with the work that Chris of Consolidated Home Repair performed at my house. I needed an emergency door repair (on a holiday!) I called many repair companies in the area; I just moved here and didn’t have anyone I had used before. Despite it being a holiday, and being out of town on vacation, Chris answered the phone! This company really stands by its statement of always being available. (I wasn’t even able to get in touch with any other company.) He quoted me over the phone, and said he would be there the next day when he returned to town. I was relieved to find someone who could come so soon! Not only was he prompt, he was completely thorough with the job. He went above and beyond with some extra touches and fixed to make it look as if a repair had never been made. He had me test everything out to make sure I was comfortable with the repair. The door worked better than it had before it was damaged! I was also delighted that he was able to reconnect my security system sensor on the new door without any problems. I will definitely be using Chris again – I had him look at some other things while he was here as well that I would like to have done. I can’t wait to have him back to help make my house perfect. I appreciate that he is so meticulous with every detail. If you are in need of any repairs, you should most definitely call Consolidated Home Repair!t.
   Do a Google search for "Consolidated Home Repair Raleigh" and see what people say about us!!!

​Chris Morton/Google
in the last week
As a Real Estate Agent, it is critical that I have a contractor I can trust to handle repair issues on my listings. Chris is my GO TO man for all repair work I need. He is dependable, his prices are reasonable and he puts 125% into every repair list I give him. It is impossible for me to recommend anyone more than Chris.

Glenn Warren/Google
4 months ago
Chris Schlitt's work on our home exceeded all my expectation. His professionalism, timeliness, and quality of work was most impressive. He also communicated with me daily by email or text to update me on the status of our project and his daily schedule. I would highly recommend Chris!

Paul Vezzetti/Google 
a week ago
Chris did an awesome job! He contacted me within an hour of me requesting a quote on the website. We met later that day and he provided a fair quote to replace some rotted trim and fascia boards on my home. He did the work himself using top quality materials (Miratek and Hardisoffit). When additional damage was found to some soffit boards, he replaced those as well at no additional charge. He also cleaned out the gutter and sealed the seams to prevent water damage in the future. The new trim looks great. It actually looks better than original. It was a fairly small job. It took a little less than a day to complete it. It can be hard to find a contractor to come out for a small job. Chris not only did the job, he made sure that everything was done right. I would highly recommend Consolidate Home Repair and I would definitely use them again if needed.