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Consolidated Home Repair 
 Raleigh's forward thinking Home Improvement Co.

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Chris Schlitt Owner/Operator
A Father, Husband ten years. Local native to Raleigh. Knows the Raleigh houses and people very well. Knows what people expect in Raleigh but are not getting. He has started his company to give you a refreshing way to make your home the best place on the planet.
Respect/Forward thinking

 We are locals who offer American craftsmanship at a affordable price. We offer a lot of talent and show nothing but respect for you and your property. We are fathers and husbands and know how important it is for your family to be safe and free of any toxic behaviors. No smoking cussing is not allowed. Your family will respected when we are on your job. 

​Techniques/Forward Thinking

 We use forward thinking in our repairs using primers, sealers, and other materials and methods to make sure our repair looks good for years after we are done. We also use things like moving blankets, cardboard,craft papers, blue tapes. to protect your house while we do repair. Nothing is gained if we do repairs and damage other things like carpets.


 We have lived and worked in Raleigh 30 plus years and know what a person expects and wants a repair to look like. We are fully insured and do "perfect" work. We have a large tool collection and do not attempt a job without the right tools. You must know that a under-paid under-tooled contractor is a recipe for a bad repair. The owner/operator, Christopher Schlitt has worked with major remodeling, building and disaster restroration companies such as McDonald York, York Simpson and Underwood, Acousti Engineering, Sparkles Renovation Disaster Relief, Chuck Shomo Renovations and Repair,Bill Clark Builders,Remax, Drucker and Faulk. 


  We believe in transparency during the repair process. We enjoy explaining the process as well as interactions during repair process. We know customers have a lot of apprehension when hiring a repair service. We try to make everything clear as possible.                                                                                                                                                  

Instant Total Communication!
 We also believe in "total instant communication". If you need us you can get us ASAP through calls, texting, and email. We carry smart phones and stay on top of who is contacting us all day and night. This keeps you and us in the loop at all time.

Efficient and Timely

 We are on time and prompt. We are talented and work on being more efficient everyday with forward thinking and detailed tooling. We know that the sooner we get your job done "perfectly" the sooner we can get your life back to normal. We don't delay in repairs! 

Interested in learning more?
We don't skip steps. We go that extra mile. The hardest mile, But the one that pays off the most. That last little detail is done to make the job "PERFECT"
Who we are, and why we are different.
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